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7th of June – 13th of June

Canada and its history Last month it was announced that on the grounds of the old Kamloops Indian Residential School, the bodies of 215 Indigenous children had been found. This discovery has led to a wider discussion in Canada about its past. Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been working on enacting a list of […]

31st of May – 6th of June

China’s new 3 child policy On Monday, the Chinese government announced that it would now allow all married couples to have three children. Previously, couples had only been allowed to have two children. The announcement comes as birth rates in China continued to fall for the fourth consecutive year. Israeli Politics Update After four elections […]

To what extent is MBS’s Vision 2030 achievable?

What is Vision 2030? Vision 2030 is crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s — or MBS as the western media calls him — crown jewel. The kingdom is slowly starting to tip the iceberg and moving towards a more diversified economy and developing its economy, which today is mostly selling oil. To understand the motives of […]

24th of May – 30th of May

A possible case of plane hijacking by Belarus Last weekend, a Ryanair plane on the way from Athens to Vilnius was forced to land in Minsk (Belarus’ capital) by a fighter jet, according to the New York Times. On board was Roman Protasevich, a leading opposition journalist who currently lives in exile in Lithuania. Upon […]

17th of May – 23rd of May

Israel and Gaza reach a cease-fire At the beginning of last week, Israel continued to conduct airstrikes on the Gaza Strip while Hamas fired rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Some say that such levels of violence were last seen in 2014. During a phone call with President Netanyahu of Israel, President Biden reportedly […]