Coursera and edX are very similar. edX is also an online course provider through which you can enroll at courses offered by over a 100 leading institutes from all over the world. It brings university-level courses right to your bedroom! There are courses on a broad range of topics and you can earn a certificate of completition.

In comparison to Coursera, I feel like most of the courses offered on edX take a longer time to complete (around 10 weeks). This means that completing a edX course may require more dedication than completing a Coursera course. On the other hand, you are sure to gain a deep understanding on the topic the course is on, and edX definetly offers a lot of interesting courses! In conclusion, if you have the time and patience, definetly go for a edX course if you find one that interests you, even if it takes several weeks to complete. Overcome your fears and challenge yourself!

By Lilly

Hi everyone! My name is Lilly and I am a high school student based in Germany, where I am currently enrolled in the IB diploma programme. Aside from founding EconIR WEB, I am also the President of JEC Berlin. Being a student who has a deep interest and passion for economics and international relations myself, I know how challenging it can be to find ways to engage with your areas of interest. Therefore, I created EconIR WEB. I hope that through EconIR WEB we will be able to build a strong community of students who share the same passion. Cant wait for you to join!