Brexit Negotiations

On Friday the 21st of August the latest round of Brexit negotiations ended. No progress was made.

The article below sums up the negotiations that took place this past week. Please read the article first and then write about your opinion on how Brexit negotiations will progress in the future in the comments! Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

One reply on “Brexit Negotiations”

I’m late to the party but in my opinion the UK government doesn’t seem too keen to even get a deal at all.. One must question if they really want the best for the country or if it is just anti-EU, anti-foreigner politics. Last year we were at the exactly same point and only in the last moment did they come up with an agreement – which essentially stated they leave the EU but nothing changes until the end of this year. Now we are no closer to an actual resolution anyone is happy with. It’s a complete disaster and the UK’s prehistoric Empire mindset is leading them to their death. I have 0 faith in the current government’s ability to have any sense, and it’s not a good sign for Europe or the world.
(Putin is happy though)

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