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Hi! My name is Shivanshu Ojha, I’m from the Himalayas but currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. My interest in politics and economics comes from my keen interest in rationalism and analysis of human psychology. I taught myself basic economics and politics – to help me understand the human psyche. From then on, I’ve kept developing this interest and since 2018, have analyzed theories and principles of economics.

Our Politics Team Leader

Hello everyone, I’m Ella! I am currently studying Economics as one of my A-levels, and I have really enjoyed the course so far! I love learning about how dynamic the world around us can be, whether this is through Economics, Politics, or International Relations. I would love to study Politics and International relations at university in the next couple of years! I believe economics and politics are the basis of the entire world around us and I look forward to furthering my knowledge on its intricate mechanisms.

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Hello, I am Alessandro, a high school student in Rome, Italy. I am really interested in studying Economics under a business profile, collegiated also to the world of artificial intelligence and data science. I believe that it has a fundamental role today because I think that it will be at most the key for the management of the future.

Hello! My name is Alexander, though I prefer to be called Zander. I am a high school student based in New York City, New York in the United States. Although I am not currently enrolled in an economics or business course at school, I enjoy following daily stock market trends as well as learning about various changes and developments in the business world. I also find watching how government legislation impacts the economies of the world very interesting. I hope to bring and share news and my knowledge regarding business and market events to EconIR WEB.

Hey everyone! My name is Nursultan and I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan. After starting to study Economics at my school for the first time this year, I found myself to be truly passionate and captivated by this subject. By becoming a member of the EconIR WEB Team, I believe that students all around the world can connect and share their knowledge with each other!

Hello! My name is Fedor and I am a high school student from Moscow, Russia. My interest in economics is combined with deep knowledge in world history, which allows me to see the world form a different perspective. I love gaining new knowledge about politics, economics and finance and I think it is essential to comprehend the current situation in the world!

Hello! My name is Taichi and I am a high school student from Tokyo, Japan. I have a keen interest in economics, specifically international relations and international business. Thinking that it would be a great opportunity to deepen my learning of the economic field and share my thoughts and ideas with everyone who is interested in the same field, I decided to become a member of EconIR WEB. I am very excited to join the team and am looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Kopal, and I am currently based in Jakarta but have also lived in India and Hong Kong. Through my ongoing studies of both Economics and Business in the IB Diploma programme, my interest in the subjects has piqued. I am passionate about global economic issues and am very keen on developing my knowledge of the fascinating world of economics through writing and sharing. I hope to gather new experiences and form varying opinions through my journey at EconIR web, and look forward to getting to know everyone! 

Hi! I am Subhomita and I would describe myself as someone with a charismatic temperament and a dynamic character. I believe I am a keen learner, talented artist, vocalist, and dancer. I strongly advocate the concept of freedom and justice for all. My belief is that sharing our views when needed can be the only path to creating a difference. Most of all, I aspire to work for the UN someday, uplifting voices of the underrepresented. By joining EconIR WEB as an economics writer, I hope to bring various socio-economic global issues to light, and share my perspective of them.

Hello everyone! My name is Mihika and I am a high school student based in India. I wanna pursue Sports Psychology as a career.  I love reading & writing articles and researching current topics of politics in depth. I believe it is important to care about politics because you should know what is going on around you. Yes, it’s true that politics is the government and the laws which are being made, but it is surely way more than that. Every vote that you make will either break people or make people. I recently became a part of the ECONIR team; through this platform, I would like to share my own perspective about the ongoing issues and hope to bring interesting and engaging articles to you!

Hi! My name is Vedika, a high school student based in Mumbai, India. I have a keen interest in Economics, Business, and Political Science and wish to pursue it further in university in a couple of years! Studying Economics for the past year in school has been an intriguing and captivating journey, which grew my passion for this subject. Moreover, I am more inclined towards Economics in relation to Business, since I desire to start my own business someday. I believe that joining the EconIR WEB team and meeting people from across the world will be an exciting opportunity, with much to learn!

Hi everyone! My name is Nivedita and I live in Indonesia, which I also consider my home country! I study Economics HL in the IB Diploma Programma and I have a very wide interest in issues that happen on a global level. I am very passionate about writing articles and advocating about certain issues or topics that aren’t publicized a lot. I hope I can gain more experience here at EconIR WEB and share information with all of you!

Hey everyone! My name is Niko, I’m a high school student from Georgia. I developed a very keen interest in international relations a couple of years ago. Ever since then, I’ve been analyzing different global events and the consequences they may bring. Since I plan on pursuing a career in the field, I decided to join EconIR Web to expand and share my knowledge with others.

Hello! My name is Lana and I am from Tbilisi, Georgia. Despite meeting many people over the years, I’ve taken an interest in politics and economics this year when I started the IB Diploma Programme. Being part of the Model UN has also piqued my interest in global events like the ones discussed here. Moreover, I wish to pursue a career in journalism or international relations, so being part of this team is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and get valuable experience.

Hi, my name is Priyanka and I am a high school student from New Jersey in the United States! I am very interested in all sorts of international affairs, this largely stems from my avid participation in Model UN. I enjoy considering the impacts of psychology, culture, society, economics, and history on international affairs. In addition to partaking in MUN and writing in my free time, I also play softball!

Hello everyone! My name is Jullea, and I’m from California, USA. I have a keen passion and interest in business, psychology + sociology, finance, and economics, especially with regard to law. I aspire to become a corporate attorney and work on mergers and acquisitions. I’m super excited to work with and meet everyone!

By Lilly

Hi everyone! My name is Lilly and I am a high school student based in Germany, where I am currently enrolled in the IB diploma programme. Aside from founding EconIR WEB, I am also the President of JEC Berlin. Being a student who has a deep interest and passion for economics and international relations myself, I know how challenging it can be to find ways to engage with your areas of interest. Therefore, I created EconIR WEB. I hope that through EconIR WEB we will be able to build a strong community of students who share the same passion. Cant wait for you to join!