Domestic Economic Effects: US Elections

Next week, Americans will cast their ballots. They will choose the incumbent, Donald J. Trump, or running ex-vice president, Joe R. Biden.

No matter what, one will win. That president will bring in new edicts, decrees, and due to COVID-19, stimulus packages to assist a restart of the American economy. This will result in different possible economic effects: whether on Wall Street, in firms, or the hinterlands.

Nonetheless, Americans are bracing for the third of November.
You can find a few articles below which will broaden your knowledge of the economic effects of the US elections on Washington’s national policymaking and possible economic predictions below.



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By Shivanshu

Hi! My name is Shivanshu Ojha, I’m from the Himalayas but currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. My interest in politics and economics comes from my keen interest in rationalism and analysis of human psychology. I taught myself basic economics and politics – to help me understand the human psyche. From then on, I’ve kept developing this interest and since 2018, have analyzed theories and principles of economics.

One reply on “Domestic Economic Effects: US Elections”

Now that Joe Biden won, it will be interesting to see whether the economic predictions mentioned in these articles will prove to be true.
How interesting that the value of the dollar was predicted to fall no matter who would end up becoming President….
I also think that the way US-China relations will develop will be very interesting.
What does everyone else think?

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