Quiz on Instagram!

Similar to the quiz we hosted a few weeks ago, next week we will be holding another small quiz for our Instagram followers! There will be two fun questions about politics every day, Monday through Friday. We will then announce the winners the following week and also give them a shoutout in our Newsletter and on our Instagram account. Make sure to participate and follow us at econir_web while you are there! Remember to also subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage! Hope to hear from you soon!

By Lilly

Hi everyone! My name is Lilly and I am a high school student based in Germany, where I am currently enrolled in the IB diploma programme. Aside from founding EconIR WEB, I am also the President of JEC Berlin. Being a student who has a deep interest and passion for economics and international relations myself, I know how challenging it can be to find ways to engage with your areas of interest. Therefore, I created EconIR WEB. I hope that through EconIR WEB we will be able to build a strong community of students who share the same passion. Cant wait for you to join!

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