Are History and Politics Related?

“The Study of history is the beginning of political wisdom.”

Jean Bodin

“The close relationship between politics and economics is neither neutral nor coincidental. Large governments evolve through history in order to protect large accumulations of property and wealth.”

Michael Parenti

“History is past politics, and politics present history.”

Edward Augustus Freeman

Let us know in the comments what you think about these quotes!

Do you agree with the statement that history and politics are related?

By Lilly

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2 replies on “Are History and Politics Related?”

Personally I disagree. I think that there is more of a connection between economics and politics. Macroeconomics for instance also has a lot to do with politics. If there is economic development, politicians are more likely to be popular and be re-elected.

I agree with the quotes and with the statement that history and politics are related. When you think about it, the events that happened today will be history tomorrow. Those events which will prove to have a lasting impact will be studied by the next generation of students in their history class, which seems kind of crazy when you think about it!

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