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Applying to University: Our Tips

One of our team members, Alessandro, applied to universities this past month. Here are his top 6 tips on how to manage the process:

  1. Look at all the presentations offered by universities and look through their website thoroughly
  2. Study hard and practice a lot for entrance exams if you have to take them. Practice makes perfect!
  3. Be open-minded and do not exclude just exclude something from your application if you do not think it is important because you never know if this characteristic of yours will be the one that will differentiate you from the other applicants!
  4. Make sure to do what you like and enjoy, but at the same time make sure that you study something that you know you will enjoy for many years to come!
  5. Do not be scared and always remain curious and open to new possibilities!
  6. Ask professors and recruitment officers questions during meetings / interviews! Don’t be shy!

What do you think? To those of you who already applied to university, what is one thing you like to change about your application process in hindsight?

By Alessandro

Hello, I am Alessandro, a high school student in Rome, Italy. I am really interested in studying Economics under a business profile, collegiated also to the world of artificial intelligence and data science. I believe that it has a fundamental role today because I think that it will be at most the key for the management of the future.

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