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Undergraduate Economics and Econometrics Education in Asia


Do you want to experience adventure and a rich culture diversity in a rigorous academic environment? Then studying in Asia is the perfect choice for you! Asia is known for a high academic standard and innovative achievements, with a very differentiat culture throughout the continent. This is therefore is a great opportunity to improve both hard and soft skills.

Reasons to study in Asia:

  • Affordability (majority of regions are relatively cheap)
  • Diverse culture and experience
  • When combined with the knowledge of the language of the country, it looks good on your resume
  • Competitious environment, which will both motivate and challenge you

Requirements for international students*:

  • Academic qualifications and study records
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Proof of language proficiency(either national language or English, depending on the country)


  • Proof of sufficient funding (or scholarship award)
  • Entry exam 

*Depending on the University requirements these might vary.

Top 5 Asian countries to study in:

  1. Japan – ranked 1st for teaching quality with three top universities, Japan attracts the highest number of international students. However, the cost of living is relatively high, but there are XS generous scholarships for international students
  2. Singapore – a modern and innovative country, ranked 2nd in Asia teaching quality, where English is the de facto national language
  3. Thailand – one of the best global destinations, ranked 5th in  providing students with alignment to their career goals after graduation and 1st for experience and adventure
  4. Taiwan – the most affordable country, ranked 3rd in Asia for studies that align with career goals and 4th in teaching quality
  5. Israel – the 3rd most educated country in the world, with some of the best universities located there. The country is known for its rich diversity and culture. Moreover, the knowledge of Hebrew is not compulsory there.

Top 5 Universities for pursuing Economics or an Econometrics degree in Asia:

  1. Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University
  2. Department of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  3. Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
  4. Economics, New York University Abu Dhabi
  5. Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Further ranking of Economics and Econometrics Universities in Asia:

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