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Undergraduate Economics Education in Europe


Education in Europe provides differentiation and a wide range of experience and opportunities as well as high-quality education and reputation. The tuition fees are low and scholarships, as well as many exchange programs, are available to help students make the most of studying for an Undergraduate Economics degree.

Reasons to study in the UK:

  • High quality and recognisable education
  • Multicultural society as around half a million international students enrol each year
  • Possibility to work while studying and research opportunities
  • Highly differentiated courses 

Reasons to study in the EU:

  • Low tuition fees
  • Easy to travel and participate in Exchange programs(eg Erasmus Mundus)
  • Reputational education that will help with further employment

Requirements to study Economics in the UK*:

  • A or AS levels in Maths (from A to C)
  • (I)GCSE results in Maths (from A to C)
  • English language certificate B2 or higher


  • Economics A or AS levels or/and (I)GCSE
  • Statistics A or AS levels or/and (I)GCSE
  • Research programs and EPQ

Requirements to study Economics in the EU*:

  • Level of English or the national language B1 or higher 
  • GPA score 75% or higher
  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent
  • Past exams transcript

*Depending on the ranking of the University requirements might vary.

Top 3 Economics Universities in the UK:




Top 3 Economics Universities in the EU:

1.University of Toulouse 1, France

2.Bocconi University, Italy

3.University of Zurich, Switzerland

A further list of top Universities in Europe:

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