Investments and revenues from different companies in 2020 (a summary)

Tesla this year sold shares worth a total of 5billion US dollars. DoorDash, a food delivery company, raise 3.4billion US dollars in an IPO, meanwhile in Hong Kong a digital medicine star by the name of JD health had an increase of 50% in their trading after their 3.5 billion US dollar IPO. Airbnb has had an evaluation of 40 billion US$. Worldwide, 800billion dollars of equity have been raised by non-financial firms.

By Alessandro

Hello, I am Alessandro, a high school student in Rome, Italy. I am really interested in studying Economics under a business profile, collegiated also to the world of artificial intelligence and data science. I believe that it has a fundamental role today because I think that it will be at most the key for the management of the future.

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