Inflation in Italy (July 2022)

Istat announced that in July 2022 the national consumer price index for the entire community (gross of tobacco) recorded an increase of 0.4% compared to the previous month and a growth of 7.9% on an annual basis (from + 8% of the previous month). 

The National Institute of Statistics(ISTAT) has showed that the inflation is extremely high, although we need to factor in a decrease by a tenth of a percentage point due to contrasting states. 

In fact, the energy prices of goods decreased (the growth of them passed from 48.7% of June to 42.9%) while the prices of processed food goods increased from 8.1% to 9.6%. Lastly, the prices of relative services also increased, from 7.2% to 8.9%. 

The core inflation, which takes into consideration energy goods and food goods, has increased from 3.8% to 4.1%. If we only consider energy goods, we can register an increase from 4.2% to 4.7%. 

The inflation seen in 2022 is 6.7% for the general index and 3.3% for the core component of inflation. 

The harmonised index of consumer prices (IPCA) has registered a contraction of 1.1% on monthly basis when compared to data from the summer sales, and a growth of 8.4% on annual base (from 8.5% of June 2022).


Prezzi al consumo (dati provvisori) – Luglio 2022

By Alessandro

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