Resources: a list of different platforms students can go to in order to learn more about politics and economics.

Discussion: links to articles about current global events. After reading them, you are then able to write about your own opinion. This way you will be able to exchange ideas with students from all over the world!

Weekly Summaries: a new post every weekend to sum up that week’s most important events in a few sentences.

News: short summaries of major events in the field of politics and economics right when they happen!

Analysis: closer look at political and economic events and movements!

Books: a list of recommended books related to economics and international relations/politics. We are aiming to provide short summaries of all the books listed, but we are still working on this. However, you can help us by first reading one of the books and then writing a summary and emailing it to, where we will reach out to you. More information can also be found at the bottom of the page!

Online Courses: a collection of different courses related to economics/politics that are offered on Coursera or edX. After completing one of the courses listed, you can write a comment to help other students figure out whether the course is a good fit!

University Information: a page which provides information on different universities and the degrees and courses they offer related to economics and politics/international relations. We are still working on this page so we have not been able to cover all geographical areas and degrees yet, so be patient with us! You can of course help us speed up the process by joining our team! 😉