Recently, our team reviewed several apps recommended for students interested in economics and politics. Below are summaries of the ones we enjoyed the most. Make sure to check them out and tell us in the comments what you think of them!


Initially the app was made for investors but for our purpose it contains a demo mode which is a great way to practice trading in real time! It challenges your knowledge and unexperienced people might have to do some research in order to crack the code. After a while it can become addicting as your balance is in constant fluctuation and your aim is to always stay in the positive side, getting more money!

Oanda Currency Converter

The main purpose of this App is to establish a general idea of converting currency. The application of this tool is limited but it is a great and simple way to understand and compare the value of the worlds fluctuating currencies. Ontop of that, it offers the option to add percentage rates which are actually offered by banks and credit companies.

Yahoo Finance

Anyone who is interested in the world of business knows that Yahoo is a leading resource. This app combines real-time information on the stock market with financial news. You can even track specific stocks which you are interested in! It might be overwhelming as this application is geared towards investors but it is a great way to gain insight.

Khan Academy

An useful app for learning Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as well as Statistics and History, which are relevant for your future Economics or International Relations studies! Moreover, you can prepare for SATs and APs which will help your application to the American University (read more about it on our University section page). The app provides you with lectures(videos and documents), quizzes and practice tests. Khan Academy also allows you to track you development and schedule personalised practices! Personally, it is my favourite and the most enjoyable way to study!

P.S. You can study for different subjects and educational systems, however, the programs in the App are mostly relevant for American education and prepare you for the exams in the US